Our Works

1 Corinthians Chapter 3 God tests our works based on what “sort” of work it is.  Works that are as wood, hay and straw will burn up in the fire but works that are as gold, silver and precious stones, will be rewarded.  In its context, this verse is referring to the building up of … More Our Works

Singing Psalm 51

It’s been a while since I published something here, I hope you are fine. We at goodmorninggirlskenya recently finished studying the book of Psalms 51-100, and old memories of some songs came to me.That is Psalm 51 and Psalm 63. I looked for Psalm 63 on you tube and I couldn’t find the old tune … More Singing Psalm 51

Arise And Move On

There are days when we go through dark moments and we feel like the world should swallow us.It could be after the death of a loved one,a failed project,divorce ,losses in business and so on.How do you move on with life after such setbacks? We have an example in the Bible of a woman who … More Arise And Move On